Whispers Of An Amish Christmas

An injured stranger, a cache of old letters, and a Christmas they’ll never forget.

In the quiet Amish community where Susan has lived her whole life, winters are silent, sacred, and full of secrets. After the passing of her father, Susan and her ailing mother, Esther, have depended on each other for strength and solace on the family farm. As her mother’s life gently flickers in hospice care, life is about to change.

Just days before Christmas, amid a biting snowstorm, Susan’s world is upended when she finds an unconscious man by the roadside.

As Susan nurses Peter back to health, they share whispered confessions by firelight, stories of faith, and the simple joys of Amish life. When a discovery of forgotten letters in Esther’s Hope Chest reveals a long-lost love story entwining their families, Susan and Peter are drawn together.

Bound by shared history and growing affection, Susan and Peter’s blossoming companionship offers comfort through winter’s chill. But with Peter’s eventual departure looming and her mother’s time running short, Susan faces the bittersweet pain of farewell.

Then Christmas Eve arrives with its hope of Christmas miracles…

This Amish romance story is sure to warm the heart this Christmas.